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It was a cold day outside in the fall of 2009, directly in the heart of Europe. The streets of Prague were covered in the damp and cold morning fog and the city was only beginning to come to life. A lonely raven flew above the buildings, letting his presence be known with a loud thorough squawk.

A flash followed by a dull dark noise… Nothing…

The moment the area lit up was so intensively short, even those who caught a glimpse felt it was just a figment of their imagination. A black silhouette began to rise slowly from a crater in Stromovka Park, the bottom part of which ran into some sort of ditch. A young woman running by with headphones in her ears didn’t even register that she was not alone in the park.

I stood along the upper edge of the crater and began checking all systems. The sources seemed to be intact and although the suit contours were flashing slightly, I knew it marked the beginning of a new era on planet Earth…